Web2 vs Web3 UX - why web3 messaging is the big unlock



2023-03-06 | 4 min read


For all the excitement that web3 has seen in the past few years, the user experience continues to be abysmal. The vast majority of the users coming now to web3 care very little about blockexplorers, seed phrases, etc. To acquire, engage, support and retain these users, web3 needs to provide an experience that is simple, and familiar. And the core of that really is wallet communication.

The problem statement

  • All web3 messaging today is “broadcast” From twitter, to telegram and discord, all messages, notifications and alerts sent by dapps to web3 users is broadcast. Simply because communicating to a specific wallet address, or to a cohort of wallet addresses is very hard. Imagine if your bank got all its customers onto a telegram group and sent you announcements with zero personalization. Well, that’s web3 for you today.
  • Messages do not reach users on their preferred channels Existing wallet based messaging apps require you to be ON their dapp to receive any kind of relevant notifications and alerts. That means downloading, subscribing to, and managing another app. But what if your preferred channel is gmail? or telegram? or simply your wallet address? There is no way to send personalised communications to users on their preferred channels.
  • Messages are not “personalised” Liquidation alerts, voting proposal reminders, hack alerts, monthly reward statements, personalised feature updates basis wallet activity, or wallet based support - all these critical messages are missing in web3 today. Imagine checking 20 or 30 dapps to keep track of your portfolio updates or rewards. Or simply not getting a reminder when your position is about to be liquidated or when you domain is about to expire?

The solution

  • Send personalised messages with hashmail console Web3 ****dApps can now send perosnalised communications directly to a user’s wallet address (which is the only identifier a dapp has).

    • Liquidation alerts - your position is about to be liquidated? Get an alert from a dapp instantly
    • Voting proposal reminders - have you missed a critical vote on a governance proposal for a DAO you are part of? Get a reminder from the DAO directly to your wallet address
    • Monthly statements - how much have you swapped, bridged, staked and farmed this month? Get monthly statements on your wallet activity
    • Domain expiry reminder - your ENS, SNS or any other domain is about to expire? Get a reminder to your wallet address
    • Support - struggling with a specific problem? Get wallet activity based, prioirty support from your dapp

    The opportunities are endless.

  • Choose your preferred channel for updates Want to get updates on your gmail, telegram, discord or simply to your web3 inbox, but don’t want to share these details with a dapp?

    • Users can now auto-forward their wallet notifications to their channel of choice with hashmail.
    • All preferences are stored with deep encryption, so neither the dapp nor hashmail know which web2 identity is linked with which web3 wallet address
    • Link multiple wallet address to the same channel, so notifications sent by a dapp to ANY of your linked wallet address gets delivered to your channel of choice
    • Access all messages in a permissionless manner at any time from IPFS based decentralsied storage

Blockchain messaging will be a huge unlock for web3, and hashmail is geared to help dapps onboard the next 100 Mn users to this ecosystem in a simple, secure and familiar manner.

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