Unlockd partners with #hashmail



2023-04-04 | 2 min read


We have some exciting news!

hashmail is delighted to announce a partnership with Unlockd - a leading decentralized NFT-backed lending protocol that lets users earn yield and borrow ETH with safe, instant loans.

With this partnership, users can now receive important notifications and alerts from Unlockd directly to their preferred channels - web3 wallet address (across hashmail web & mobile inbox), telegram, web2 email and discord (coming soon). Users can communicate & engage with other users who share their interests, have a token they need, or are part of a DAO they’re interested in.

With the hashmail widget, users can also view full-fledged emails directly on the Unlockd frontend, and setup auto-forwarding to their preferred channels.

Our primary goal is to help dapps communicate, engage, retain and support their users better, and with this partnership we are excited to deliver a world class user experience to Unlockd community.

hashmail widget on Unlockd


How to use hashmail

Step 1: Login to the Unlockd app and connect your wallet to find the hashmail widget at the bottom right. You will be able to see all emails sent to your wallet address on this widget. (see image below)


Step 2: Click on the ‘forwarding’ tab and setup auto-forwarding to your telegram or web2 email. It’s as simple as that! You will now receive all important communication from Unlockd directly to your preferred channels. You can also simply sign up to the hashmail web3 inbox or download the hashmail mobile app to view the messages.


Leveraging wallet based communication to provide extra value to Unlockd users

From health factor updates to auction notifications and protocol news, we’re excited to see how Unlockd users take advantage of this new communication channel.

  • Notifications and reminders — We know how easy it is to miss out on important notifications and reminders in the fast-paced world of web3. With hashmail, Unlockd is excited to offer its users the convenience of receiving notifications and reminders directly to their hashmail web3 inbox, telegram, or web2 email. From new rewards and incentives promotions to voting governance proposal reminders, we’ve got you covered!

  • Newsletters — there’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering new collections supported by Unlockd or learning about the latest updates to their dApp and new features. Unlockd newsletter and protocol updates will be the perfect way to stay in the loop and get the latest scoop on what’s happening in the ecosystem.

  • Account updates — keeping track of your DeFi positions can be a daunting task, but hashmail makes it a breeze. Users will be able to receive monthly statements and account summaries directly to their preferred channel. So, you can stay on top of your NFT-backed lending operations and always know where you stand.

  • Support messages — we know that web3 can be a complicated space, and issues can arise from time to time. With hashmail, Unlockd offers direct access to their support team, so you can get back to doing what you love — getting the juice out of your NFT-backed loans.

We believe that this integration with Unlockd will set a new standard for communication in the web3 ecosystem and provide a foundation for the next billion users in NFT finance.

If you’re looking to stay informed and engaged in the web3 ecosystem, particularly how hashmail unlocks communication for NFT finance, stay tuned for our upcoming AMAs on the partnership and integration with Unlockd!

About Unlockd

Unlockd is a leading decentralized NFT-backed lending protocol that lets users earn yield and borrow ETH with safe, instant loans, all while maintaining 100% of holder perks.

About hashmail

hashmail is Twilio for web3. We help dApps send personalized email communications (updates, alerts, rewards, billing and reminder emails) to users’ wallet addresses, and deliver these communications across multiple channels - their web/mobile inbox, Telegram, web2 email and Discord. All with a single API or a no-code campaign manager.