Web3 messaging - the 3Rs of personalisation



2023-04-13 | 4 min read


Whatapp has an engagement rate of 70%. Twitter of 65%. And web3 wallets? A mere 5%. That means for every 100 net new users who onboard a wallet, only 5 users will return within a month. For a dapp in web3, this is probably much lower.

One sure shot way to increase engagement across wallets and dApps, is personalised messaging. Data shows that using personalized messaging across multiple channels can drive 90% higher customer retention rate. And personalised messaging is all about the 3 Rs - sending the “Right message” to the “Right users” on the “Right channels”

Personalised messaging in web3 used to be incredibly hard. But here’s how **hashmail’s personalization tools can now help your dapp send the content that matters most to your audience. All in 3 clicks.**

1 - Right message

Secuirty alert? Liquidation notification? Voting proposal reminder? Or simply a weekly update? Now setup templates with ease for each by leveraging campaigns on the hashmail console.

Simply copy paste an HTML or type and format a message directly within the editor. Want to personalise a message for each wallet address? Just add custom variables (ens, transaction id, link to blockexplorer and more) to your message template.


2 - Right user

Segment your users and only target messages to those users & wallet addresses for whom it is meaningful. Use the hashmail campaign builder to simply upload the set of relevant wallet addresses or pass these via an API along with any custom variables that you have set.


3 - Right channels

I spend 90% of my time on telegram. But I know several users who are hooked to their discord server. And most ‘new to web3’ users simply prefer being updated vis email. With hashmail, users can setup auto-forwarding to one or more of these preferred channels, directly from your dapp front end.

Even if a user stops visiting your dapp, you can always reach them on their preferred channels.


Keen to send personalised comms to users but not sure what works? Checkout our tweet thread on the top 10 comms Defi dapps should send users to vastly improve retention and UX

For web3 to have a fighting chance to grow as an industry, dapps need to start improving and measuring engagement & retention rates. And we are here to help you do just that.

Book a call with us today and get setup with personalised web3 messaging in 10 mins.