Introducting the hashmail rewards program



2023-02-07 | 4 min read


Dear #hashfam,

THANK YOU to all of you for being such valuable members of the hashmail community. Your feedback, suggestions, and support fuel our continued growth.

As our earliest users and supporters, you are interested in how hashmail develops. And how we can collectively benefit from the value we build in web3

So, we are introducing hashmail rewards, a system where you can perform actions, earn points and badges, and redeem them for rewards.

Our humble ask is that you participate (in whatever shape or form you like) - by asking questions, sharing with your friends, boosting the server, or just liking this post

hashmail - rewards program

Our mission at hashmail is to help users and dapps communicate better with each other. We believe email is one of the most open, flexible, and decentralized protocols for communication.

However, the most active users of an email service don’t receive benefits for their usage. At hashmail, we think differently - the more engaged you are, the more you should be rewarded for your time.

#️⃣What kind of rewards will you earn on hashmail?

  • Future airdrop allocations - the more points you earn, the higher your allocation in our future airdrop. To be clear, we have no plans for an airdrop until late 2023
  • Higher earnings on our engage-to-earn program - earn a higher % of fees paid by apps when they send you a message
  • Unlock more free, decentralized storage space
  • Unlock exclusive features
    • Set your custom hash-id
    • Change your profile picture
    • Dark mode
    • Auto forward limits
  • Access to your dedicated profile page

This is just a partial list which we'll keep expanding. To redeem rewards, you will need to earn hashpoints (details below)

#️⃣How can you earn points and badges?

Every user can earn points by completing useful actions on the platform. This is a non-exhaustive list of actions that will earn you points:

  1. Daily active usage - Reading/sending a message (once a day)
  2. Inviting a user
  3. Adding more wallets to your account
  4. Installing our mobile app
  5. Boosting our server
  6. Engaging on discord (for games/feedback)
  7. Preparing educational content/videos/posts for Twitter, YouTube tutorials, medium articles, Reddit posts, etc.
  8. Referring to a dapp to use hashmail

This is a non-exhaustive list of actions that will earn you points. We'll keep expanding this list as well.

#️⃣What are badges?

On hitting certain milestones, you will also be able to unlock “badges,” which provide you with an NFT and bonus points.

***************For example, every user invited will give you 100 points. However, on inviting five users, you get an exclusive power-inviter badge that will give you an additional 500 points to the holder.

These badges can be displayed on your profile page, and are tradeable. Occasionally, we will also mint ‘celebratory badges’ - to celebrate an event or launch (which will also give you a one-time boost in points to the holder). Stay tuned for this.

We will be rolling out the POINTS STRUCTURE, REWARDS PAGE, AND EARN PROGRAM and aim to be live at the end of this quarter. Our early users and backers will receive back-dated points for your current holdings and earnings (e.g. if you hold an NFT or if you’ve won points in our games)

I hope you like this. We’ll set up AMAs to talk through this in more detail. But do give us your feedback, and press as many emojis as you can to spread the word