hashmail goes mobile - we're now live on Android



2023-01-01 | 2 min read


Dear hashfam,

We just dropped the official launch of the hashmail app for android devices. You can download the app from Google Playstore

In 24 hours since launch, hashmail gained 3000 users on mobile, and has a rating of 4.9 on playstore. MASSIVE THANKS to our amazing community!

At hashmail, we strongly believe that the key to web3 adoption is skeumorphicity.

The vast majority of the early majority of users coming now to web3 care very little about blockexplorers, seed phrases, etc. To engage, and retain these users, web3 needs to provide users an experience that is simple, and familiar.

Our web mailbox was designed to look, and feel very similar to common web2 mailboxes like gmail or outlook. And now, we take it a step further by launching our official mobile app. Users can now exchange emails using their wallet address, ENS, lens or UD - on any device. The world is mobile native today - web3 cannot afford to be tied solely to the browser.

This also unlocks a massive opportunity for dapps to improve UX, and enhance communication with their users.

Simple use-cases like activity reminders, notifications, updates - can now be delivered right to the users device. Interested? Book a call with us

Logging in to your app

To ensure a convenient login process for our users, we've built in multiple forms of authentication

  1. Connect your wallet - If you have installed wallets on your mobile (Metamask, Trust, Rainbow, etc.), you can use this option. By signing a message, you can login with that wallet

  2. Scan a QR - In case you have a browser wallet only, we offer a nifty scan-with-qr option. Simply login to your inbox at app.hashmail.dev with your wallet. On the top right, you will see a QR button. Scan the QR using your app to log in

  3. **Login with password - **If you have already connected your wallet on the browser, you can set a password. Enter your wallet address, or ens name in the username field, and your password in the other